Complete kit digital marketing, social media business kit, instagram highlight cover templates, digital marketing strategy plan, Branding Guide, Social Media Platform guide, How to set up instagram page, Social Media post planner, post ideas

Your Complete Social Media Marketing Kit

In this new world, businesses have had to accept that it is now a must to exist online. It was a pretty important thing before, but now there is no question.

Actually, there is ONE question, and that is HOW?

HOW do you manage your social media right now? Are you inconsistent and lost when it comes to the many opinions and schools of thought out there?

Are you throwing up content for the sake of the ‘one post per day’ rule that you have read about somewhere but still feel like it’s getting you nowhere. And it’s quite frankly a pain in the arse to do because the need for frequency has taken the little joy that may have existed in creating content out of it?


Have you got ZERO TIME to do the research plan, create, and post relevant and consistent content.

Are you stuck in the hamster wheel of the day to day business runnings, and lost in how to find the time to market your brand so that you can make enough MONEY to hire someone to take care of this stuff for you?


Last year, when this all kicked off and we launched, we vowed to help small businesses learn how to build a brand and market online without the sometimes hefty fees for an agency to do it for them.

Don’t get us wrong, we are an agency, and there is huge value in return for the fees we charge to build your brand online, but we thought about companies in our own close circle that just didn’t have that investment, but DID have the time to learn.

Complete kit digital marketing, social media business kit, instagram highlight cover templates, digital marketing strategy plan, Branding Guide, Social Media Platform guide, How to set up instagram page, Social Media post planner, post ideas



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What’s Included…

How To Build Your Brand

Our user friendly guide to branding your business, including our simple but super effective exercise to get you started.

How to write your mission statement and brand values, chosing your brand colours based on colour psychology, selecting the right fonts and logo composition!


Worth £199

How To Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A complete step-by-step guide for developing your Digital Marketing Strategy from how to do a SWOT analysis of your business and figure out your SMART goals, all the way to how to start implementing your strategy and monitoring it’s success!

This 20 page ebook is the ultimate guide to planning for your businesses success – giving you direction and clarity to understand what to do and when.


Worth £399

Choosing The Right Social Media Platforms

This ebook is your complete guide to the social media ecosystem – covering the culture of all of the major platforms, and the types of content and language that works best on each.

Platforms included are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, & Reddit.


Worth £49

Social Media Post Planner

Over 50 ideas on what to post images on, what to talk about and when to do it, this social media planner takes the stress out of questioning what to post and when.

It can be adapted to all social media platforms and all business types. Even suitable for influencers!


Worth £299

How To Structure Your Instagram Page

Our user friendly guide to setting up your Instagram page for maximum impact! Learn the purpose and importance of each area of your instagram page, how to optimise for keywords, and achieving the right balance of post content.


Worth £59

Custom Instagram Highlight Cover Templates

Bundle of 8 Instagram Story Highlight Cover sets – easily customisable for your brand style and colours.

Bundle includes 1 x Colour Pop Kit, 1 x General Retail Kit, 1 x Black & White Geometric Kit, 1 x Colour Wash Kit, 1 x Fitness Kit, 1 x Food Kit, 1 x Beauty Kit, and 1 x Jewellery Kit. 


Worth £59

Who are we and why are we qualified to help you??

We are a twosome of driven, dynamic, creative and experienced women. We have built businesses and we have LEARNED!

We are practical thinkers with the empathetic eye to how hard this can get…

We call the tough business moments and decisions “squeezy bum moments” and when we are in them, we remind each other that there is ONLY LEARNING, there is no FAILING. But sometimes, one of us has to pick the other up and drag them along.

We have both had businesses ourselves, and now understanding the value of our relationship and most importantly the DATA and STRATEGIES that we have found that get it right- we wanted to find a way to be there for you too in your ‘squeezy bum moments’, just like we are for our clients.

The truth is, digital marketing is HARD, but it CAN BE TAUGHT. There are no magic formulas and there are no quick fixes, but there are QUICKER routes and our tried and tested templates will get you on the right track. 



Abi is the quick thinking, problem solver. She is kinda the brains of the operation and the grounded and flexible one who will figure out how to make stuff happen. She translates ideas to functionality and when Abi is around, there is a way!

She has a logical brain sprinkled with flecks of colorful creativity and style. A unique individual in the perfect industry!

Jen is the one with brilliant and original ides. She focuses on the ‘why’ and never lets ‘how’ get in the way, because if there’s a good reason for doing something, the how can always be worked out. She’s a passionate and inspirational coach and teacher who inspires and excites others – and gets a total buzz out of it too! She has always been a creator, and a strategic thinker with a ‘why not’ type of attitude to making shit happen.

Both women come from an upbringing in Family Businesses, after years of friendship while in their own digital businesses, they found their way to creating their very own family style business in The Social Sitters,

Combining their passions, experience and ethics- they wanted to find a way to bring practical tools to small businesses at a time where being online has never been more important, but also never been so challenging!

The Social Sitters are constantly developing downloads, courses and podcasts to help you cut through the noise and get your brand booming online!

Complete kit digital marketing, social media business kit, instagram highlight cover templates, digital marketing strategy plan, Branding Guide, Social Media Platform guide, How to set up instagram page, Social Media post planner, post ideas

£1064 Total Value


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Social media marketing doesn’t have to be so hard.

We have kept this product at this incredibly low price, so that there is literally nothing standing in the way of you and your brand growing on social media.

You can develop a clear strategy of what to do and when. You can creating content you are proud of can be fun & easy. And you can attract your ideal customer and bring in those sales!

No more excuses, take action today so that you can find raving fans for your business and actually make sales through social media.

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