How To Structure Your Instagram Page



Instagram is the place to be for great conversion!

The world of Influencer marketing on Instagram has made it a difficult job to stand out from the crowd and be seen though. Algorithms on Instagram is a hot topic- how to “beat” the algorithm so that your content gets seen and your following grows. While no one knows EXACTLY how the algorithm works, here is what we do know WILL work for you!

Much like websites, Instagram has a tagging and keywords system too. Using the right words in the right places can have your page pop up in front of someone looking for you, but that’s not all you need to do!

Having an ‘easy on the eye’ grid and style matters- branding matters. Choosing your style and themes can make planning your posts far easier and more effective. Choosing the type of content that you share about and how to block it makes for an efficient way for you to plan ahead in scheduling consistent content, because your followers are much more likely to see and engage with your content if it is consistent, and quality!

This download explains:

-How to structure your grid page and where the opportunities are for the use of keywords.

-What content blocks are and how to find yours and build them

– How to find your ideal photo style and use filters to make your grid look awesome and stay cohesive

In the world of Instagram, how your grid looks really does matter- because it grabs peoples attention! This is your opportunity to make an amazing first impression!

Download this guide now to give your page an overhaul and start attracting people to your page now!

Cost when bought from agency: starting from £59